Automatic Leash


Ensure that our customers can obtain their products satisfactorily. The high-quality dog belt combines the practicality of a strong waistband with a flexible and comfortable grip. High-quality and durable stainless steel hooks can help you easily take your dog away, Easy to wear and remove. Every dog belt and dog collar has been strictly tested.



  • 【Retractable leash】 retractable dog leash could extend up to 16. 5ft, gives the dog enough freedom to walk ahead A little without going too far away from you.
  • 【Durable material】 environmental protection and durable PP shell, odorless, non-toxic, feel smooth. Ergonomic grips and non-slip handles are just as good as your gloves for your hand.
  • 【Intuitive operation】the reliable lock button ensures the capability to adjust the length of the leash as you need. Make sure the leash stays at a constant length to the safety of your dogs and yourself. Slide the lock button forward to stop and lock the belt. Slide the lock button forward again to resume automatic belt extension.
  • 【High density woven leash】 retractable traction rope is a wide flat ribbon rope, which increases the force area of the rope, makes the traction rope more reliable, and withstands the pull of greater Strength, allowing you to operate more relaxed and free to run freely.
  • 【Heavy duty】 this kind of retractable belt is suitable for medium and small dogs. For dogs of any type weighing no more than 33 lbs, It allows you to control the dog and let the dog have great freedom of movement.
Automatic Leash


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